Ouchy - Lausanne

Insider Look

Everything your want to know about the Summer Camp

A Typical Week*

*The schedule and timetable may be subject to modification

First Day of the Course – Monday

  • 08h00-09h00: Welcome and English/French tests
  • 09h00-12h10: Language Lessons and Summer Camp Project
  • 12h10-13h00: Lunch
  • 14h00-18h00: Tour of Lausanne
  • 18h00-19h00: Free time at the Boarding School
  • 19h00-19h30: Dinner
  • 19h30-Curfew: Activities


From Tuesday to Friday

  • 09h10-12h10: Language Lessons and Summer Camp Project
  • 12h10-13h00: Lunch (Leaving Ceremony on Fridays)
  • 14h00-18h00: Activities
  • 18h00-19h00: Free time at the Boarding School
  • 19h00-19h30: Dinner
  • 19h30-Curfew: Activities


Weekend Special Events

  • Friday evening: Outing Authorized (students under 18 are accompanied)
  • Saturday: Excursion from 10h00 to 19h00 (approximately)
  • Sunday: Brunch from 10h00 to 12h00
Summer Camp - LEMANIASummer Camp - LEMANIA
International Summer Camp - LémaniaInternational Summer Camp - Lémania

Interview Anh-Than Thai, International Summer Camp Director

Three words to define the Summer Camp.

Happy students: all our students are satisfied and happy. Some are shy at first due to being in an environment and country far from home, but after two weeks or more, they all leave with smiles on their faces. All of them make significant progress in their language skills and make lots of international friends. They have memories in their heads and have had some exciting activities. Our greatest joy is that they come back every year for 2 or 3 more seasons, proof of our guarantee of excellence, quality, and friendliness. Some participants even recommend their siblings in subsequent years!

Switzerland: a small country within Europe, everyone knows Switzerland for its quality of life, very high standard of living, excellent health care system, its lakes and mountains, its delicious chocolates and its pretty towns of human size in an enjoyable, stable and secure environment. The air of the Swiss Alps or Lake Geneva’s atmosphere contributes to give our camp a healthy, ideal, international, and safe environment to spend your summer vacations.

International Camp: it is a beautiful experience to be in the heart of Europe, easily accessible by train or plane from Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the Olympic city of Lausanne and meet Americans, Swedish, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Brazilian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Canadian, Mexican, Russian, Kazakh, Armenian, Dutch, Iranian, Arab, Belgian, Monegasque, Monegasque and Swiss, etc.

What is your project for the Summer Camp in Lemania?

Our project is to guarantee the outcome, happiness, safety, and success of the camp to all our students, parents, and staff. Our project is to make the children happy and allow them to have fun in safety.

What is the added value of the Summer Camp in Lemania?

Lemania distinguishes itself by the variety and number of activities. We offer 14 activities per week to discover Switzerland, its lakes, mountains, and cities.

Moreover, our camp is located in Lausanne’s city center, with many assets, shopping, and museums. We are easily accessible from the Swiss mountains 30 minutes and 10 minutes from Lake Geneva for water activities.

Lausanne is easily accessible from Geneva airport, 50 minutes by train or car.

How do you recognize a student made for Summer Camp?

All students are welcome in Lemania. Our students have in common the taste for joviality, open-mindedness, good mood, the desire to progress, and they easily fit into groups or integrate newcomers.